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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 14, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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thoughts. they should have gone ahead and taken it down. >> harris: we get back to being just authentic. if you feel it, then do it. dave webb, thanks for being here. thank you for watching. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert on wall street, major selloff mode, with stocks sinking fast on new recession fears. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. dow hit a downward spiral. 627 point downs. this comes after the bond market threw a red flag on the economy. we had to bring in kristina. what's going on? >> not to get too complicated -- >> dana: don't do that. >> we keep talking about aversion on the business channel. we're comparing the yield to the rate of returns on a ten year bond versus a two year bond. those are seen as pretty safe. they're government bonds. often investors will turn to those bonds when they're nervous. this inversion that's happened today, where you the yield on
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this two years of the rate of return a little bit higher than the tenure. that's usually not a good sign. you're seeing a massive market selloff. dow down 759 points. people are taking their money from the markets and putting it into bonds. that's increasing the price, lowering the yield. little bit complicated there. it's not just about a big precursor of the sregs. you have weakness coming out of china for their july numbers. the economy in germany contracting which is contributing to this big talk about a global slowdown. so that's having an effect. >> dana: i want to ask you if there were other details. i'm interested in that. can't figure out a way to get back on track. >> that's a great point. you had macy earnings come out today. that stock is getting hammered. right now down by 14%. it was down 16%. macy's is special in the sense that they complained they weren't doing well with their athletic brand, they have too much inventory so they have to write off things and put them on
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sale. the issue is you have competition. think of those that shop, i go to wal-mart, target, too. they're becoming more stylish. they're working on their clothing brand. then you have amazon. that's eating away at these older department stores. macy's not doing welsh nordstrom, j.c. penny. >> dana: monday was not a good day for the market. yesterday it rebounded. today is not a good day. is tomorrow going to be a better day? >> excellent question. if i could predict that, i would be trading and would be really, really wealthy. >> dana: we would be busted for insider trading if we could tell that. >> yesterday we saw an uptick because the president said he was going to suspend tariffs. right? people were able to breathe a sigh of relief. what we're seeing now, we had janet yellen on fox business say maybe this is overblown. lot of people are reacting. we haven't seen this type of bond yield inversion in over a
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decade. that's usually a concern that a recession is looming. however, she and others are saying maybe that's overblown. we have a lot of algorithms that can help with that selloff. >> dana: thank you for coming on. >> i hope it wasn't too confusing. >> dana: no, no, we get it. i think the best advice could be from janet yellen that it could be overblown. >> it could not be. everybody has an opinion. >> dana: thank you. and breaking new details on the where abouts of the woman who allegedly helped jeffrey epstein recruit young girls for a sex trafficking wing. a report claims she's hiding out in a new england beach town at a secluded mansion, but the owner says maxwell is not there. this as we learn more about investigation into epstein's apparent suicide. brian llenas is following all of this for us. so, do we know where maxwell is? >> reporter: dana, no, we do not know where she is right now. much of her where abouts have
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been a mistystermystery. she has been identified as a key co-conspirator by people who say she helped run his sex trafficking network. "daily mail" is reporting maxwell has been living secretly with a manageary tech ceo in his mansion just outside boston. the daily mail report says the two are in a relationship, claiming he has been photographed with maxwell's dog. fox news spoke to him on the phone a little while ago, about an hour ago, in which he denied this report. borgenson said maxwell is a former friend who he used to work with on an ocean conner is vansy policy but he could not recall the last time he saw her. he tells fox maxwell is not at his home and that the dog is his, not hers. he has called this whole experience, quote, terrifying. meanwhile, an epstein accuser filed a new civil lawsuit
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against maxwell. three of epstein's unnamed house staff and epstein's estate claims jeffrey epstein assaulted her repeatedly when she was 14 and 15. rose accused epstein's maid, secretary and recruiter of helping to recruit young girls for him to rape. >> dana: obviously a horrible thing to read this morning. what do we know about the latest on the investigation? >> a federal source tells fox news investigators are looking into whether the two guards assigned to the special housing unit where epstein was housed fell asleep on duty. they are also looking into whether the two falsified record, indicating that they were doing bed checks every 30 minutes as required when in reality they were not. falsifying federal records is a felony. the attorney general temporarily replaced and reassigned the warden of the metropolitan correctional center and both guards are on temporary leave as
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the investigation continues. dana, the bureau of prisons has a suicide reconstruction team on site today at the mcc to determine what happened to epstein. there's about five different probes into this incident. >> dana: brian llenas, thank you. as promised, let's bring in judge andrew. how much do prosecutors want to be able to talk to her? >> i think they very much want to talk to her. i don't think they could care less about her current social marital, nonmarital boyfriend situation. but they definitely want to talk to her. in fact, in the indictment against epstein, which now, of course, can't be prosecuted because he's dead, it does name people, not by name, but employee one, two and three, associate one, two, three, co-conspirators known to the grand jury but not named her. i am certain that she is one of though people, which means that
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there is some evidence of her cooperating with epstein and facilitating this longstanding sex trafficking practice of causing under age females to travel across state lines, in some cases across international lines in order to get to his mansion for unlawful purposes. >> dana: there's a report, as brian llenas was saying, she is in new england. now this guy says she's not there. if she's there, would presumably authorities would try to go and find her there. but if she's in the u.k., what is our extradition? >> we have an extradition treaty with the u.k., which would bring her her. as long as it's a nonpolitical crime. not talking about julian assange. if she's in the u.k. and wanted for sex trafficking in the united states, she'll be here in about two months. once the authorities in the united states charge her, she must formally be charged here because she has the right to know what she's being brought
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here for. then they ask the u.k. to extradite her. >> dana: she is accused of recruiting under age women. she has not been criminally charged. >> accusation come out of the mouths of the alleged victims but the government has yet to formally accuse her. >> dana: according to the new york times report, dale jeffrey epstein, that two guards slept through checks and did not check him. disclosures came as the guards and warden were removed. i understand the attorney general was asking for updates on this investigation every three hours. >> wouldn't surprise me. the justice department is not only embarrassed, it's angry. because the justice department, i think, was about to engage in negotiations with epstein and his lawyers. >> dana: to plead guilty? >> yes. in return for that guilty plea on a reduction of 45 years down to something tolerable, he was going to name names. he can't name names. his lawyers can't know the names. without his first hand
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eyewitness testimony as to who these other people are that victimized the girls, either by having sex with them, knowing they were under age, or by participating in the trafficking of them across state lines. without that testimony from him, the justice department's menu of potential targets has been reduced. so the a.g. is very much on top of it. brian llenas is right on the mark. it is a felony to falsify federal records. but when prison guards do this, it is ordinarily treated as an administrative regulation. what happens if you're found guilty? eh, you lose a week's vacation. not this time. if it is determined that they did this, these guys are gonna be indicted for the felony of filing false records with the federal government, their employer. >> dana: last quick question for the young woman who claims that epstein raped her when she was 14 and 15 years old. what happened to that civil action suit? >> welsh that's against his estate. there's very little defense to it. he can't testify. so it will obviously be settled
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for some numerical amount. as of midnight, now just earlier today, there's no statute of limitations whatsoever in the state of new york for sexual abuse. so expect these lawsuits to come ov over. without allegations are made, you can't sue the person who ever made the allegation for libel, meaning they are free to say what they want. >> dana: when it comes to the question of the circumstances surrounding his death, there are some who are looking for other answers. americans like patterns. surely there are all these people who would have liked to see him dead, especially if he was about to talk to the government. do you think you dismissed those types of conspiracy thaoer reus and just look at the fact that maybe he just killed himself when the guards were sleeping? >> my gut is the place was terribly mismanaged. he was smart enough to recognize that. he found the window of opportunity and he killed himself. but i also believe those federal
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guards, if they falsified records, committed federal crimes and ought to be prosecuted for it. >> dana: all right, judge andrew napolitano, thank you for taking us to law school. >> thank you. >> by the grace of god, had the bullets gone two inches in another direction, we could be here today talking about the murder of a federal official. >> dana: shots fired at two ice facilitieses near the mexico border. plus the biden campaign is doing more damage control. and plus we'll keep close watch on the dow as it gets near the closing bell. right now down 650 points. there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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the vice president on stage in the next debate. peter doocy is tracking the candidates in des moines. okay, peter, what did joe biden say this time? what happened? >> reporter: dana, there are two things that joe biden said at the debate two weeks ago that in the time since have some immigration activists very upset. here are the two things. >> the reason we tier country we are is we've been able to cherry pick from the best of every culture. immigrants built this country. that's why we're so special. when people cross the border illegally, it is illegal to do it unless they're seeking asylum. people should have to get in line. >> reporter: getting in line an cherry picking were apparently offensive to these immigration activists, who think those are too close to republican talking points according to this new
11:17 am
report. his campaign wants them to know he wants immigration reform. biden met behind closed doors with some activists, making sure they know that's what he wants. what a difference between joe biden using words like get in line and somebody else who might be on the stage in september, julian castro, who is aggressively pushing for there not to be a line at all and for it not to be illegal to cross the border illegally. dana? >> dana: i can remember the obama administration when they try to put forward comprehensive immigration reform. i'm pretty sure that was the policy that was in that legislation. democrats will have to figure out where they stand on that. i was surprised this morning on this intel you have on tom stire. >> reporter: that he made it. he's got 130,000 individual
11:18 am
donors to his campaign. so he's one poll away to making this september debate stage. he is showing with this that e-mail addresses are among the most powerful currency for a political campaign. all of his efforts over the last couple years to try and impeach president trump netted him, according to some estimates, more than 8 million e-mail addresses. so people who gave their info to him over the years because they wanted to impeach president trump have been getting e-mails lately asking for donations to the campaign. because he is very rich, he's also been flooding facebook with ads. there are some estimates that he spent more on facebook in the last month than the trump re-election campaign, which of course, has been spending historic amounts there lately. >> dana: remarkable. >> reporter: that does mean millions of democrats have seen stire's info.
11:19 am
only 130,000 have donated that makes the numbers seem smaller. >> dana: if he gets on the debate stage, he would say it was money well spent. >> reporter: he would. would say the same thing if he becomes the democratic nominee. >> dana: peter doocy, thanks. next, court convicting rapper asap rocky stemming from a june fight on a stockholm street. it shows asap and his two friends hitting and kicking a man. the trio will not face jail time or a fine but must pay damages to the victim. he will also compensate the swedish government for legal expenses from the case. >> little bit different. >> dana: just how different are bernie sanders and cardi b's nails and why are they hanging
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>> dana: dow down 630 points. state department urging increased caution to hong kong as the country is rocked by three straight day of protests. susan lee with the fobbing business network is live in hong kong. were things calmer today? >> reporter: yeah, much calmer at hong kong airport. reopening for business after being shut down for two straight days. this is the world's eighth busiest airport. one of two main transports across the asia pacific. arrival flights. we've been hearing from some of the tourists and whether or not they cancelled their plans, how they feel about traveling to hong kong. why don't you take a listen.
11:25 am
>> they have one thing wrong. they should not be here. they should be having their protests in hong kong with the government, with the police, with who ever. we're not to blame for this. it's not the prime minister. >> i don't know what they are doing. they're taking money for taxes of the tickets. so they were responsible for the security of the passengers. but it was nothing. >> reporter: 1100 cargo passenger flights land every day at hong kong terminal. we still had a scattered half dozen or so, few dozen protesters still camped out. because of a court injunction, only those with actual air fare tickets could get into the terminal. so the fight took to the streets tonight here in hong kong in a suburban district. we had hundreds of protesters amassing there.
11:26 am
hong kong police moved in. apparently the tear gas was fired after some of the protesters started shining some laser beams at the police. now, as for the u.s. and what politicians are saying about the situation unfolding and developing here in hong kong, we have a house foreign affairs bipartisan statement today. they say 30 years after the chinese communist party's brutal massacre in tiananmen square, we are concerned china would consider again brutally putting down peaceful protests. we urge china to avoid making such a mistake, which would be met with universal condemnation and swift consequences. we also had president trump tweeting yesterday that u.s. intelligence suggests there might be a buildup of china troops across the way, along hong kong's borders and there has been video circulating of these military exercises and some of these tanks that have been brought in to the city that's not that far from the city of hong kong. dana? >> dana: susan lee, thanks for
11:27 am
being in hong kong for us. we appreciate. chopper fired early at an office building in san antonio that houses ice. thankfully nobody was hurt in the shooting. but now the fbi is getting involved. casey stegal is live in dallas with more. >> reporter: yes. fbi special agents calling these, quote, dangerous times, fearing that political rhetoric in this country is perhaps fueling the violence, at least violence towards ice, or immigration and customs enforcement. federal officials say this is the fourth recent act of violence outside ice locations across the country. the latest happening early tuesday morning when two different ice operations were targeted down in san antonio. two buildings close together and investigators say someone drove up and opened fire on both of the multilevel office complexes only hitting the floors where ice or ice contractors were located. in other words, the fbi says the
11:28 am
person or persons responsible knew exactly what they were doing. >> there were people in the building. we had federal employees who were present, who although they were not hit by the rounds fired, by the grace of god, had the bullets gone two inches in another direction, we could be here talking about the murder of a federal official. >> reporter: now, person was taken into custody and questioned but later released. so at this point no formal arrests have been made. fbi also confirming that it is currently investigating and working several other threats that have been made to different ice offices around the country. dana? >> dana: the fbi certainly busy. thank you. stacy abrams wants in on 2020. her offer to the candidate that wins the democratic party nomination. we'll tell you. would you pay an extra tax for red meat? we'll chew on that next.
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>> dana: senator bernie sanders at the nail salon with cardi b. >> this is called -- do i know nails? this is bernie sanders. i am with cardib. we are at the ten nail bar in detroit michigan talking about some of the most important issues that impact you. >> education, jobs, wages. >> we're in a nail bar. cardi's nails and mine are just a little bit different. >> dana: a professor at johns hopkins university, a new mom and progressive political commentator. lisa booth is a vice president at high noon strategies. i love that video.
11:34 am
got a cool vibe there, wendy. what do you think ab bernie sanders hanging out with cardib? >> i think it's awesome. i am a cardib fan. i love how she's able to speak out about political issues. this is not something new. we have celebrities, we have entertainers who continuously have spoken out about issues going on in our country. cardi is not doing anything different. hats off to her and hats off to bernie sanders for using her platform to try to energize his base. >> dana: one thing he's been complaining about is media coverage. lisa, that has been an tpbive strategy for someone we know. >> it has. but, i mean, look, if you're talking about a specific candidate they can make the claim they're treated differently by the media. the media is absolutely bias against republicans and towards, or treats democrats much more tpaeufrb raably. all you have to do is go through
11:35 am
the new york times just recently changed that headline because of liberal backlash. 538 had a great writeup about why so many people missed 2016. as 20613, only 7% of journalist weres republicans. or you can even go now to the gun debate. between august 4 to august 5, news busters found the rhetoric from the news was 17-1 in favor of gun rights versus gun control versus gun rights. >> dana: what do you think, wendy, i think it's normal for a candidate to complain about their media coverage. i really do. you can see that. is it effective? do they have merit in this case? >> i think it's okay for us to critique the media, right? it's one thing to critique them. one thing to be critical of them. i do think it' another thing for us to then turn around and say this is fake news and for people to attack the media. that's what's different here.
11:36 am
if bernie sanders says he is not receiving fair air time, then that's fair. but for us to sit here and say certain things like the media is fake news and for certain journalists to be attacked, that's where we have to draw the line. >> dana: let me also ask you about this. we have to talk about stacey abrams. she ran for governor of georgia. she's never actually conceded that race. she basically said this last night. they've been hard at work at supressing the vote, dismantling democracy. it's our responsibility to not just wait to see what happens, but to actually fight back. she said two things, lisa. that she is open to running as a vice presidential candidate and, number two, that she's going to work on a new charity that she is basically going to try to deal with the issue, as she describes it, suppression of the vote. do you think anybody will take her up on the idea of being vice president? >> i don't think they should. she is too polarizing.
11:37 am
the reason she's been pushing the vote r suppression narrative is because it's boosting her career. she's leading this voting rights group. it's what has kept her relevant in the news cycle. but it's a fallacy. the race was not stolen. she lost by 55,000 votes. if you look at turnout, it reached almost 4 million georgians turned out to vote in the 2018 midterm election, near presidential level. there was not the voter suppression she alleged. she just lost. i think she would end up being too polarizing as a vice presidential pick. >> dana: wendy, i do note the concept of voter suppression is alive and well and there's a lot of concern from the left about that. i'll give you the last word on this. >> i would say voter suppression is something that is alive and well. we have data that supports that. as far as lisa saying she should not. let's be clear. stacey abrams was the first female black governor candidate for any party. she has history behind her.
11:38 am
yes, she should be tapped to be a vice president. if not her, then who? she has brought out voters. she energized the base, not just in georgia, but globally. she brought out oprah winfrey. she is a strong contender. >> dana: we'll see if anybody take hers up on it. congratulations on the new baby. >> congratulations, wendy. >> thank you. >> dana: all right. would you pay extra for meat? according to a bloomberg report, red meat could face higher taxes. the idea is already trending in western europe as an incentive to help the environment and curb health concerns. let's bring in chris stirewalt and my co-host of the podcast "i'll tell you what." chris, i feel like there's a war on meat that's really ramping up and i'm not happy about it. >> this coming from a woman who eats her steaks well done. even you are on board. >> dana: i eat a lot of it. >> you are punching above your weight when it comes to steak consumption. >> dana: the attacks against red meat because of environmental concerns but this idea now that you could possibly tax it.
11:39 am
what do you think of that? >> so, social engineering is unpopular period. when governments engage in activities that are designed to -- if we think about the bloomberg soda tax and new york, or other public health initiatives, this falls into two categories both public health and environmental concern. i think broadly you can divide the world in a bunch of different ways. one is optimist versus pessimist. there's a strong belief that we are not going to be to afford to consume delicious red meat any more. let's admit it. i definitely made a reservation to have dinner at the palm tonight as a result of you giving me this statement. >> dana: i hope everyone in america does that. you can go, stop at a local dive, fast food place, go to a fancy place and you can find beef because people want to eat it. what bothers me, the government does this a lot, right?
11:40 am
they try to discourage people from buying things like gas, cigarettes, now e-cigarettes, alcohol. think about the lottery or ka seen nos. now even sugar sweetened drinks. that was a failed experiment in philadelphia. and i worry for our american cattle razors of which my family still ranches in wyoming. what do you think of my personal feelings on that? >> i think your personal feelings probably mirror that of million of americans. the world is divided into two groups. optimists and pessimists. pessimists are saying we are all about to die. pest mists though once upon a time said we were not going to be able to feed the world, india, china. with 8 billion people on the earth, there's no way everybody could eat. now we say we're not all going to be able to eat red meat. there are ways we are going to figure this out, because neither americans or anybody who can afford it in the world should be deprived of how delicious a steak is. >> dana: there are nutritional
11:41 am
benefits. the idea that red meat, there are nutritional benefits to humans. there are environmental costs, that can be argued. obviously, you know cigarettes, that is not good for your health. you're not saying red meat is bad tore your health. >> red meat is not cigarettes. that is certainly true. >> dana: that's how i'm going to title this segment. >> red meat is not cigarettes. i think we will be able to solve problems not succumb to problems. i'm an optimist. >> dana: me, too. enjoy your steak tonight. millions of americans struggle to get the healthcare they need. one group is trying to change that by offering free services here in the united states. we're gonna tell you how. >> i come from new jersey an nevada. there were plenty of doctors. there's just not enough here, you know? i can't even -- i have been on a weight list for an arthritis factor since november of '18. ok everyone!
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> shepard smith at the fox newsdesk. jeffrey epstein's friendship with britain's prince andrew. one of the women who accused him said she had sexual relations, as she puts it, with the prince when she was under age. what we're learning about that. plus recessions feared. the last hour of trading is a crucial one. often the market finds a floor and rebounds but sometimes it crashes through the lows and compounds the problem. we'll be on top of it as fox news rolls on in the next hour. >> dana: for many americans, access to healthcare isn't as easy as a quick trip to the doctor. instead, many rural communities often have to rely on facilities that could be hours away. one group in colorado is looking
11:47 am
the fill in the gaps in these so-called healthcare deserts. >> perfect. >> the biggest challenge with the healthcare is getting to see a doctor in a timely fashion. there's so few doctors here. >> reporter: victoria walten is one of hundreds of residents utilizing a rolling clinic. >> lot of communities like this have had their local hospitals close. >> reporter: remote area medical, ram, is a nonprofit group of doctors, nurses and other volunteers who travel to parts of the u.s. in need of medical, dental and vision services. america's healthcare deserts. >> there are large parts of our country where there are very few hospitals, very few doctors. people really struggle to be able to get access to care in a timely fashion. >> reporter: for every 100,000 americans, there are about 53 primary care physicians in urban areas, but less than 40 in rural communities. the difference is even more
11:48 am
stark for specialty physicians which average 263 in urban areas and just 30 in rural communities. general dentists average 30 in urban areas and 22 in rural communities. >> the dentist that would need to do my work would probably be in montross. >> reporter: how far is that? >> too far. >> reporter: we googled the drive and it is 1:20. getting doctors to move to a small community and stay there can be a challenge. some experts believe the solution may -- >> if you take a rural student and train them in a rural residency tract and place them in rural america, they fit. it's a successful model going ahead. >> reporter: but in addition to increasing availability, the nation's healthcare deserts need to address affordability. >> about one-third of the folks i saw had medicare. but they didn't have adequate supplemental coverage. >> reporter: many patients at the clinic have private insurance. some with high deductibles and
11:49 am
others with doctors out of network. until there's a permanent solution, victoria walton is grateful for the ram clinic. >> i got a tooth fixed today. i'm getting glasses. it's just an amazing gift from god. >> reporter: and, dana, it's not just rural areas. ram has set up clinics in major cities, including los angeles, houston and cleveland. charity, of course, is only part of the solution. tomorrow's segment, we'll take a look at some more ideas. dana? >> dana: jonathan serrie, this is an issue i care a lot about. thanks for doing that report. want to bring in an assistant dean for rural and under served programs at the ohio university heritage college of osteopathic medicine. this issue, doctor, has been on my mind a lot. i'm from rural america. you say that we actually have plenty of doctors, we just have the wrong kind in the wrong places. explain what that means. >> well, what it means is that
11:50 am
the fewer primary care physicians we have, the more specialists we need. and the more likely we are to treat conditions after things have gone south have really gotten much worse. >> dana: do you find in your business, people coming up through medical school, that they would prefer to be in a city? they can pay off their student loans and rural america is not an attractive place to practice medicine? >> i think a lot of myths persist around rural practice. one of my jobs is to try to debunk some of them. but many students have grown up in an urban place. they've gone to college in an urban place, medical school in an urban place. many of them do residency in an urban place. they've found a spouse in an urban place. by that time, they're really not prepared to go rural. >> dana: do you think there's anything that the government could or should do to help encourage more doctors to live in rural america where people
11:51 am
obviously really need the help? >> absolutely. i think one of the most important things they could do is to increase the number of physicians who are actually training for their residency in a rural community and learning to live there. >> dana: one of the things that people have said in a poll of patients who needed care in rural america is that 45% of them said they could not afford care and 23% said it's too far to travel. i have family. my cousin's wife, who's going to be having to travel in order to have her baby in a month from now. that's understandable. there can't be a specialist in a hospital in every community. but this issue of not being able to afford care, is that something that medicare or medicare for all could actually help? >> i think one of the challenges we have in our nation is that in a system that rewards profit and
11:52 am
rewards entrepreneurship, it's difficult to keep prices down. >> dana: the other thing is, maybe the private market could take a look at rural america and see, one, it's a great place to live, great place to take care of and raise a family. dr. randall longnecker thanks for being here. still ahead, if you had to choose between air conditioning or the internet on your next vacation, which would you pick? the most common answer might surprise you. it did everybody here. that's next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine.
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11:57 am
pretty amazing. everybody should check it out. are you surprised that people want wi fi that much? >> i think it's pretty important because all of us are used to being connected, whether that is bragging to friends on social media about some great experience we just had through keeping in touch. it makes sense. >> dana: i see what you mean. we've done segments about that. going on the selfie vacation. you have to be safe when you do that. we have the surveys that people are opting out of the following due to money. money is a concern. you're on a budget. vacation is the first to go at 42%. the summer is about to end. if you haven't planned a vacation yet, you've been all over the place. where would you recommend people think about going? >> last-minute vacations, people -- most people do take vacations last minute. 40% of pleasure travels will book last minute. so my advice will be try to stay
11:58 am
close to home so you don't need a flight. often you're thinking you have to do a big summer vacation somewhere. actually, you might -- depending where you are, maybe you can go to napa for a few days. maybe go to florida by the beach a few days. so if you can get rid of that flight, there's great options. you might get a cheap hotel last minute and do great experiences. >> dana: if you're on a budget and you're like in chicago, the architectural kayak tour, the guided brewery tours. they're getting more popular. >> they are. the whole thing about food and breweries is really emerging. it's amazing, whether it's a cooking class, learn in new york to bake bread or make croissants through to -- you can go tubing on the delaware river and pop into a brewery after you do that. so lots of cool experiences that people are coming up as new entrepreneurs now, which are
11:59 am
about locals experiencing their own area better. >> you're a entrepreneur. you're helping other entrepreneurs. is that how you want to do your business? >> yeah, i love travel. i love experiences. for me, it was difficult to find great things and book them. a lot of it is because there weren't great entrepreneurs starting out building businesses to meet our needs as consumers. we want to spend our time in more enriching ways. we don't want to feel bored anymore. so these new entrepreneurs are emerging. the tour i just mentioned, the trip up the delaware is a entrepreneur based in new york that decided forget having brunch. let's get people outdoors in nature. so he started that. he does ski trips in the winter as well. lots of new entrepreneurs emerging. we went with a winery in napa that started doing horseback riding. they didn't used to do them before. they realized people wanted something different. they just didn't want a tasting. they wanted something new. >> more fabulous vacation you
12:00 pm
went on this year or fabulous place you saw. >> i was in portugal. it was beautiful. >> dana: you are beautiful as well. thanks. check it out. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on wall street. whenever the nation has entered a recession in the past half century, one indicator sounded an early warning. today that siren is blaring again and it has stocks plummeting. anything can happen during the last hour of trading. a new law opening the glad of lawsuits. hundreds of people suing for sex abuse claims from decades past. the targeting include the catholic church and the boy scouts and jeffery epstein. reporting begins now. fears of recession top the news. this is the final hour of


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